Over View

Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, Pittsburg, PA, Completed 2019 AIA LA Merit Award, 2022 A+D Design Award, 2023


The original leaded glass ceiling at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Free Library

Over View is a three-dimensional drawing of the space it occupies, the central lobby of the former Carnegie Free Library, in its original state. Commissioned as part of the restoration of the building by the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, the installation depicts a leaded glass ceiling that once enclosed the room before it was removed during an earlier renovation.


Worm’s Eye Perspective


Standing at the center of the room, the intricately patterned original ceiling can be seen projecting upward away from you.


From other points of view, the installation becomes an abstract pattern of lines projecting down toward the floor.


A layered, deep graphic, Over View presents a visual puzzle or device controlled by each visitor to the Children’s Museum as they move through the room.


Section Perspective showing the original and contemporary ceilings, three layers of printed and cut fabric, and the station point at the center of the room.



Project Team: Alex Kim, Michael Raymundo Photographs: Megan McGinley, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh