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Los Angeles, CA 2011

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An Italian restaurant and pizzeria for chef Andre Guerrero, Maximiliano is a dynamic triangular space infused with color. A large mural on the large south wall creates a strong graphic and spatial identity. The rhythm of embossed white stripes shifts from evenly parallel at the ceiling to randomly wavy at the seats, giving a gravitational weight to the wall and emitting vibrant color and pattern.



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Descending over a door to the patio is a deep porous soffit that undulates over the bar, filtering natural and artificial light and housing the restaurant’s wine collection.

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The brightly painted slats animate the space with local and varied color intensities creating 3d optical effects as the viewer moves that recall the visual instability of 1970’s Op Art.

Maximiliano Baffle

Soffit Elevations

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Photos: Nils Timms

Project Team: David Freeland, Brennan Buck, Juan Lau