Dodecahedron Parallel b

These ‘Objective Perspective’ drawings describe complex interior volumes as seen through the ‘lens’ of discrete objects. The project draws on our interests in drawings with image-like properties, utopian studies of polyhedral geometries and structures from the 1960’s, and Piranesian interior volumes with uncertain extent and orientation. Primarily though, these drawings push representation toward a type of metaphor – a way of expanding the definition of the viewing subject and speculating on foreign views of the world.

Dodecahedron Parallel b

Spherical lens, Dodecahedra, Parallel Hatching

2 Composite

Vertical Hatching: Interior Volume Mapped to Ball

An everyday object (a ball, a donut, a light bulb, a crystal…) stands at the center of a cavernous space bounded in all directions by a porous stack of modular objects. This space is mapped onto the surface of the object, constructing a perspective unique not just to the space being seen, but to the contours of the object ‘seeing’ it.

3 Composite

Concentric Hatching

4 Composite

Projected Circles


This perspective can be unrolled to a flat ‘picture plane’, but before that, it exists as a composite drawing/thing, both abstract and real. The object is manifest only as a drawing and the drawing as a 3-dimensional object.

Printed sphere

The ambiguity of illusionary depth and literal flatness has long been the subject of modern painting and drawing, but here, the ambiguity is between rendered architectural space and the solidity of the object reflecting that space.

Object nut Hexagon

Nut lens, Hexagonal Polyhedra, Parallel Hatching

Hexagons Parallel2

Spherical lens, Hexagonal Polyhedra, Parallel Hatching

Hexagons Parallel3

Detail: Spherical lens, Dodecahedron, Parallel Hatching

Pentagons Parallel2

Spherical lens, Pentagonal Polyhedra, Parallel Hatching

Pentagons Triangulated

Spherical lens, Pentagonal Polyhedra, Concentric Hatching

Dodecahedron Triangulated3

Spherical lens, Dodecahedra, Concentric Hatching

Hexagons Circlepack

Spherical lens, Hexagonal Polyhedra, Projected Circle Hatching

Hexagons Conc Stereoposis

Spherical lens, Hexagonal Polyhedra, Plaid Hatching

Project Team: Kate Richter, Braden Young