University of Iowa Basic Science Laboratory, photograph by Orlando Cabanban

Orbiting around one of the objects exhibited in Views from the Field at the SCI-arc Gallery.

Every face of the object unfolded

Regenstein Library at the University of Chicago, photograph by Ezra Stoller

These are convex objects with the concave space of a photograph projected on and through them, revealing many alternate versions of the same space.


Walter Netsch Residence, photograph by William Lukes

The geometry of each object is developed in relation to edges and contours in the projected photograph.


Art & Architecture building at UIC Chicago, photograph by Orlando Cabanban

The interlocking volumes of these interiors designed by Walter Netsch, produce facetted solids with many folds and edges.


Winnebago Children’s Home, photograph by Orlando Cabanban


Project Team: Alex Kim, Moriah Haley, Cole Masuno, Zane Mechem

Original Photographs Courtesy of SOM

Copyright Orlando R. Cabanban, William Lukes, Ezra Stoller I /Esto